Serious gingival diseases that are not treated before pregnancy might cause preterm delivery or miscarriage. If such diseases are not treated before pregnancy they might also result in overweight birth of a baby. Therefore, having a regular oral hygiene and having the gingival disease treatments pre pregnancy is very important in having a healthy pregnancy period.

Especially in the first phases of pregnancy, nausea and vomiting attacks cause an acidic medium in the mouth and this results in acid erosion, sensitivity and sometimes in dental cavities.

Brushing the teeth right after vomiting attacks, which is a misapplication, might result in dental erosion. The mouth should be rinsed with plenty of water after vomiting and the teeth should be brushed after half an hour.

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Why should I have a dental examination before pregnancy?

The oral infections that arise during pregnancy might cause preterm delivery and/or miscarriage. They might also result in overweight birth of a baby. Such diseases might cause a difficult pregnancy period. The expectant mothers should receive a dental examination and have the necessary treatments done right away. In this way, you can have a stress-free pregnancy period without any dental problems.


Sudden increases in hormone levels during pregnancy increase the tendency to gingivitis. Due to frequent food consumption and lack of oral hygiene during pregnancy, if the bacteria plaque accumulated on the teeth and gums cannot be cleaned adequately, gingivitis (swelling, bleeding, redness of gums) and pregnancy tumor (benign) can develop in the gums.

Should I have dental examination during my pregnancy?

You should have your teeth checked by your dentist every three months during your pregnancy in order to prevent problems that may occur due to changes in the mouth during pregnancy.

When can I have my dental treatment during pregnancy?

Usually between the 3rd and 6th months of your pregnancy (second trimester), you can have your dental treatment and tartar cleaning performed. Your baby shows organ development in the first trimester of pregnancy. During this period, a bacterium formed in the mouth may negatively affect the organ development of the baby, and unnecessary procedures may cause miscarriage. In the third trimester, the baby has grown considerably in the womb and the delivery is close. The mother cannot sit comfortably in the chair and excessive stress can cause premature labor. In the first and last trimesters of pregnancy, only emergency treatments can be performed based on planning with your gynecologist.

Can anesthesia be applied on my teeth during pregnancy?

If the expectant mother does not have any allergies and there is no problem during the course of pregnancy, anesthesia can be performed when necessary based on planning with your gynecologist.

Can I have a dental X-ray during my pregnancy?

Although the amount of radiation given during X-rays in dentistry is not very close to the abdominal region, lead apron must be used at all times in order to prevent the baby from radiation exposure. If necessary, 1-2 images can be obtained inside the mouth. However, X-ray should be avoided whenever possible.

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