Ceren Unal
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First of all, as a native of Antalya due to my work I live there I asked for information from my mother in Antalya, my mother recommended me dentistry and I was really satisfied Fevzi Büyükgebiz to the endless thank you to the sweet girl at the door and a lot of friendly girls to thank a very friendly team thank you for everything

Emine Teretli
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I went to many Dental Hospitals for information purposes, but the team's motivation ability of the interest of our doctors could not see any of them I received treatment from both doctors and found themselves very successful in giving information about the weeks they are doing very well by telling and conscious Thanks to everything as a very afraid of the dentist I preferred your team

Dane Coban
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I was quite pleased at the Oral and Dental Health Center. Many thanks to your friendly staff and your doctor. Everything you get your heart desires. Respects

Nevzat Açer
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Dear Buyukgebiz Dental Polyclinic doctors and nurses first of all, I would like to thank you and your health for your hands and labor in my and my wife's dental treatment. Büyükgebiz Dental Clinic is the best treatment best diagnosis best practice and am satisfied with your best services ok. I wish all the patients in the clinic urgent recovery. To me, Büyükgebiz Dental Clinic is the address of every aspect of an institution serving in this field. Thank you.

Murat Akıncı
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Dear Buyukgebiz Dental Polyclinic doctors and nurses first of all, I would like to thank you and your health for your hands and labor in my and my wife's dental treatment. Büyükgebiz Dental Clinic is the best treatment best diagnosis best practice and am satisfied with your best services ok. I wish all the patients in the clinic urgent recovery. To me, Büyükgebiz Dental Clinic is the address of every aspect of an institution serving in this field. Thank you.

Ayça Çiçek
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I am a person who constantly postpones the treatment of my dental problems, especially in an intense work tempo. Therefore, when I am looking for a reliable and affordable dentist in Antalya, where I am new to various dental problems, I recommend implant treatment. Dt. Fevzi Büyükgebiz 'a friend recommended this place. When I called to make an appointment, her phones were busy 5 minutes later, Didem returned and made my appointment when she called. My first doctor, Mr. Cihat. He was extremely interested and after the examination, he began to receive emergency dental treatment. The number of teeth in need of treatment is known 🙂 Warm welcome Didem 🙂 Smiling faces Gülşah and Naz 🙂 Thank you. I've been around a lot longer. I want a page when my treatments come to an end. In the meantime, thank you for your interest in my canal treatment and Mr. Fevzi. As a Dental Health Center I will definitely recommend, I wish you continued success. An environment so peaceful that you don't need to be afraid of the dental chair

İnci Tatar
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I'm very lucky to know Mr. Fevzi. Thanks to his expertise, reassuring structure and professionalism, I was free from the stress of that chair. I really feared my dental fear. I can really say that the hand I know in Antalya is the most spectacular doctor. I'm extremely satisfied with the relevance of interest. I would definitely recommend you feel safe, thanks to doctors, mrs Naz, mrs Didem ... I love you all I wish you continued success throughout your life.

Aysel İzber
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The relevance of the smiling face service interest you have a very successful team about my dental problems and sincerity is extremely spectacular. I was extremely pleased to call mrs didem reminders before the examination, again at the end of the examination. We are sure to thank Mr. Fevzi very lightly patient, doctor relationship is great good that I know you happy days with all your employees.

Nazan Aksakal
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It was a very comfortable examination for me because our doctor and staff were friendly. Thanks for everything

Orkun Gücenmez
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I've always been a very personal person about the doctor. Tooth, you always know that is one of the most sensitive issues. It was a great nightmare for me to go back to the dentist this time because I had a bad trampatic event in my previous clinic. I decided to have an examination with Mr. Fevzi on the advice of those around me. "Good luck". I have no fear of teeth. On the contrary, I never wanted my long-term treatment to end. I am satisfied with all the service and most importantly, to the end. I can sincerely say that the only dental clinic I'm going to stop by is Büyükgediz Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic! A special note on my behalf to all the people in the clinic. Firstly mrs Didem thank you very much. My appointments, I was tired and tired of me, was announced. mrs Naz and Gülşah, my eyes are always scared to approach me as a tiny 5-year-old girl, I thank you for comforting me. Fevzi Bey's new me will always be separate. I think I might even get another dentist. Thank you very much for patiently approaching me when I cry, when I'm scared. You didn't have to tell your every step, but you did. Good thing you do. You are now a very successful person in your business who is afraid of what needles and teeth and want to say the most heartfelt. You all existed for me not as a clinic, a doctor - patient environment, but as a family environment. I love you all. I wish success to all your life

Sıla Erdem
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I live in Antalya and I am retired. I went to private clinics many times because of my dental problems. I did market research. So I had a comparison. None of them are my father's son. I'm one of you and I say that if you are looking for quality if you are looking for hygiene if you want economic and trust before you come to everything you want the bride. two young people sparkling young people to visit the dental health center Büyükgebiz point you'll see the difference anyway. He says to give good people a chance and offers my love and respect. It was a dental care center that we could not give up as a family

Beren Erbey
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I came because I had pain in my teeth. I got root canal treatment. Satisfied. The implant was then implanted. My mother said it can be done here. I don't know if it was possible to have done this so early without Mr. Cihat. Now I'm on the last day. I hope that there will be a problem in the last day will not be a problem.

Azra Turkoglu
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I'm a primary school teacher. A dentist came to my class last year. He wanted to do the dental examinations of the students. I first gave a speech to prepare the students. I advised my students not to be afraid of the dentist. But let me tell you a lie (my students don't hear) I was afraid to sit in the dentist's chair laughing into a deadly surgery. I'm not afraid anymore. Thank you Fevzi and Cihat Büyükgebiz brothers! Thanks friendly staff

Eren Kandemır
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The only place I can get the pain from my teeth. Büyükgebiz dental polyclinic. One tooth fell and I came running. My anesthesia allergy, but without any anesthesia due to my pain without placing my teeth, I thank my doctor mr.Fevzi. Six months later, another tooth fell and I'm here again, of course. And I will keep coming until I have no problems with my teeth. My front teeth are great. Thank you Mr. Cihat, Mr. Fevzi. My assistant friends didem very thank you for the pleasant conversation with the smile and interest.

Sevinç Terzıoğlu
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I entered completely by chance and just talk for a mrs.didem information me if you want to film with a big smile and honey to talk to me that I was the most scared seat. I came just to get the idea and I made the neighboring gate and the clinic was very special for me. Kivanc doctor (fevzi) name kivanc now 🙂 In addition to being a smiling face and work, as well as never hurt me and scare me wonderful but wonderfully wonderful 6 transactions. They are all great in this team. I love you, team. I will come again. I think you're the only one

Güzide Aydın
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I came here on the advice of friends I can not leave 🙂 Endless thanks to everyone. Your health in this team is a wonderful 🙂 You will be very satisfied

Erkan Arıcı
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I'm afraid I'm leaving so very satisfied. I would like to thank all employees separately. It's a clinic that I can safely come to with any dental problems. thanks everyone

İlkay Kuruçay
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It is really nice to be a patient of young doctors with a doctor's spirit, not only your teeth, but also the patient physician's proximity that rejuvenates your age as well as a soothing environment. If they had done a customer satisfaction survey, I would surely give it a 10 out of 10 stars 🙂 Congratulations

Mehmet Tekin
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I would like to state that I am pleased with your preferred clinic because it is close to my home. I am very satisfied with the procedures, tooth extraction and dental cleaning. I wish you continued success. Thank you in particular for your friendly, caring attitude. I'm normally a person who visits a dentist every 10 years. (I wouldn't go until the toothache became intolerable anymore, but I feel comfortable here) You have a family atmosphere. Thank you

Meryem Esen
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Our dental treatment adventure started in December 2017 and started filling and covering. My dental treatment, which I could not start with fear, informed me about the procedure that my doctors would do before the procedure, and most importantly, my treatments that continued without pain and fear enabled me to trust me. At 2 months, we have continued wire therapy and have made significant progress. Thanks to my doctors mr.Cihat, mr.Fevzi and mrs.Selin for the procedures done meticulously. Of course, mrs.didem and mrs.duygu also thank you for your interest and interest

Burcu Akbas
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An excellent staff who do their job so well, are friendly, explain the procedures to be done individually. I wish I had previously opened the dental chair fear of the great Buyukgebiz family I'm grateful to you. I thank my doctor mr.Fevzi Büyükgebize for his action. mrs.Didem also shows in the smiling face and interest. It is a good thing that you have the BÜYÜKGEBİZ FAMILY

Esen Duru
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Although I have been receiving wire treatment for 4 years and changed 2 doctors, I did not get any results. Despite my material spiritual exhaustion, despite my fears, I came here with great advice. The attention they have shown from the first moment, the friendly welcome gives great confidence to the people. Here one is getting away from all his fears. mrs.Didem is one of the most positive people I have ever seen. Our brains work the same 🙂 Endless thanks for the interest in the chat. I believe it will be a beautiful friend I won in Antalya .. There are many football matches to be played 🙂 During and after the examination of the meticulousness, chat and interest for the endless thanks to Mr. Fevzi .. You can be a phenomenon doctor. You should get with me mr.Fevzi 🙂 Or you should work with me 🙂 THANK YOU

Kemal Öztürk
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Dentists have always been my biggest fear. I was a patient who didn't get any treatment and stopped it. Büyükgebiz Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic overcame my biggest fear. I thank Fevzi Büyükgebiz and Cihat Büyükgebiz very much. A number of physicians interests and interests. I recommend Antalya's best clinic and the best physicians to everyone and I'm sure they will be very pleased. Many thanks in the interest and relevance of the clinical staff. Very clean tolerant from start to finish, the most wonderful clinic in treatment. I wish you continued success

Emine Sadık
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You came across me 2 months ago to find a solution to my son's toothache. My 5-year-old son says that if you don't have a bad tooth ache, you won't be able to meet a wonderful dental treatment center like you and maybe I'll still be able to start my dental treatment. My son's teeth were filled with 2 fillings and he got rid of all the pains and this was great without needles. thank you very much and highly recommend it. As for me, I had the chance to treat all my teeth with 7 canal treatment, 14 fillings, 2 wisdom teeth, 1 implant and 1 coating. Mr. Fevzi and his team are so caring and working so sincerely that you forget everything about your pain. Before and after each treatment Mrs.Didem and her team's smiling faces make you feel so special that you wish you never finished. You should definitely stop by Büyükgebizli oral and dental health center. I would like to thank everyone very much for their efforts and their smiling faces and for the restoration of my teeth. Good thing you're there

Büşra Sevim
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First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Fevzi who is a successful physician in his profession. A friendly, caring and performing doctor. Fevzi Büyükgebiz performs a careful and patient treatment process and also pays great attention to sterile work. Thank you, Mr. Fevzi

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